Setting the clock on the microwave

Clock, clock, numbers, start.  That’s how you set the time on our microwave.  Really, this is a post to myself.  I will search for this post twice a year.  I probably need to SEO it up a bit. “Daylight savings time”. “Fall back”. “Spring ahead”. “Changing clocks”. DST. microwavey.  Yeah, I know that’s not a word. But we’ve blogged before about our microwave and I don’t want to have to dig through a bunch of old posts. I’ll forget it though…..maybe.

How do you set your microwave? Comment below and save it for prosperity. Or just any random bit of information that you need to recall very infrequently.

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Christmas 2014

In perusing the Internets for Christmas letter inspiration, I stumbled upon an idea of rhyme. I’m loosely using Madeline by Bemelmans as rhythm inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

In a house in Rochester of siding and brick,

lived 2 girls and a boy, the last one was quick.

There was Emma and Hannah, who both were a joy.

The last one was Micah, he was our boy.

Their parents whose names were Amie and Bryan

were both good looking and smart, this author’s not lyin’.

Our story here attempts to recall the events of winter, spring, summer and fall,

and let you know what we’ve done, one and all.

The family’s leader, Bryan, is really quite fearless,

and as our resident computer expert, we’re sure that he’s peerless.

As his reward for the code he did grapple,

he now sells apps at Google, Amazon, and Apple.

He still works at Mayo Clinic in a suit and a tie,

Though I’m pretty sure Micah thinks he’s the bus driving guy.

Amie still delights in being a mother

to her very sweet girls and the boy they call brother.

She’s also their teacher but her role had expanded

beyond what it originally had demanded.

For Classical Conversations, she now teaches a class in grammar and writing and even some math

to eight wonderful students that have been placed on her path.

Emma is one of the students but that’s really not all

that has kept her so busy this winter summer and fall.

She’s learning to sew and to cook yummy food,

she reads books galore and enjoys friends who aren’t rude.

Hannah is still full of the most lovely graces

and now she sports teeth that are decorated with braces.

She likes to draw and has started some writing;

she builds with her Legos, and her conversation’s enlight’ning.

And finally there is Micah who has just grown and grown,

his aptitude for talking is really well known.

He loves trucks and dogs, and if we teach him hunting and guitar,

we’ll probably end up with our own country star.

Our year has included some trips long and short

with trips to Williston, Bismarck, and Inspiration Point to report.

We’re also renovating our big room for cooking,

And the progress we’ve made is rather good looking.

And now comes an end to the part of this letter so braggy,

for there were parts of this year that were really quite saggy.

We have troubles in life as surely you do

which is why we would like to write this to you.

The reason we celebrate this time of year

is because it’s when the God of everything came near.

You see because of His love, He couldn’t leave us in sin,

He sent His Son Jesus to earth, our pardon to win.

Here we celebrate His birth, but it was really His death and His rising

that cleansed those who love Him and have our hopes rising.

You see, soon all troubles and pain will fade away

for those who love God will see Him that day.

And there He’ll delight in making things right

and returning creation to something beautiful, wonderful, loving, and bright.

And, friend, I would like you to be there with us,

and I pray you’ll believe and trust in Jesus.

Merry Christmas from the Logans!

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My latest app: After That

Here’s my latest app: After That

You can find it on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon.  Information is also posted on Logan Apps.

After ThatThis app is a story-telling tool that can be used in a group of people or by yourself.

The way the tools works is simple. Shake your device and you get a word. Start a story and make sure to use the given word during the introduction. If you are having troubling thinking of a beginning, simply shake again so you have a second word to work with. When you are done with the start of the story, simply say, “After That”, leaving the story plot open for the next person.



The next person takes the devices, shakes it, and gets a new word. They continue with the story making sure to use the new word. When they want to let the next person go, they simply say “After That”, and the next person takes a turn.

Smaller children may not have the ability to develop a plot with a given word as easily. They may simply take their word and state, “After that he saw a (WORD). After that…” Therefore, you may want to make sure that those people capable of expanding on a story are spread out to allow the story to stay on track.

If you’re not in a group, such as doing creative writing or simply telling a story to kids, simply use “After That” to get a prompt for the next part of the story.

And yes, the next version will allow you to create your own words.  This first version was something I quickly did over Thanksgiving weekend.

Let me know what you think!

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An ER visit

Out of all my children, Micah is generally the most unpredictable. His labor was weird, he took a few more months than any other of my babies to get into routine, his eating habits are unpredictable, etc. Now, he usually doesn’t get sick. The last time I called the nurse line our bring him in for something before this was at 5-6 weeks for a sudden onset of excessive spitting up. We’ve had a good run. This fall has been THE WORST though for sick kids. Everyone is sick. We ran through so many bouts with the sniffles that I never got the kids in for a flu shot.

Then, right before Thanksgiving, the entire city started battling with a stomach bug or the flu or both. The stomach bug ran its course at our house, and I thought we would be fine, but less than two weeks later, Micah ends up with a fever and upper respiratory symptoms. Boo. I hunkered down with him and held him as we fought the low grade fever and other symptoms. Mostly, we turned on Curious George and let him nap in my arms, but he had a terrible time sleeping the night before and didn’t really seem any better today, so for the first time in almost two years, we called into the nurse line again. Hearing his symptoms, she said to bring him in in the next four hours.

So, I started preparing to bring him in. I lightened the diaper bag so I could easily carry him and it, and I grabbed a phone charger. That was all I needed because he was just going to sleep on me anyway like he had done all day long, plus he had been refusing food and drink, so we were good. Bryan buckled him in, and I took off. He was still super quiet. Usually, he has to tell you about every truck on the road, so I kept checking on him. I parked in the nonemergency lot which is good because the emergency lot was full, and I packed him in. We got checked in at the desk with assurances that it would be awhile because pediatrics was packed. I expected this since the whole city has been sick. So we sat down where I expected to snuggle a sleeping baby and repeatedly check Facebook and Twitter, but he popped his head up and starts telling me about the baby over in another seat and the grandpa (maka) with a hat.

Suddenly, he wants to get down and run around. It’s 8 pm. That’s past his bedtime. I didn’t bring any shoes along. I feel his forehead. The fever I haven’t been able to touch all day was suddenly gone. ARGH! This isn’t allowed. Oh well, we’re already checked in, at least we’ll make sure he doesn’t have an ear infection. I pull out my phone to let him watch some videos because he has no shoes and we’re in the germiest place in the city. I talk with him, walk around a bit, watch more videos. Around 10, we finally get back to take vitals after which we get sent back to the waiting room. I’m wishing we would have left. He was the cutest, most cheerful toddler getting vitals checked at 10 pm ever. I feel like a liar. The nurse assures me that this is common, and it would be good to get the ears checked anyway. I still feel awkward and reactionary. I want to say, “Hey, check my records! We have never actually been to the ER before! I’m not a crazy mama!” but I’m afraid that won’t really prove my point. Plus, if I was a crazy mama, I have a feeling that would be surreptitiously noted on our records.

So, we go back out. I start walking with him and singing trying to get him to get some rest. He mostly wants me to sing “wheels on the bus” and take requests for which verse to sing next. He likes to sing about dogs and cats best, and I cannot resist when he asks for cats by saying “menow, menow”. So cute. We sing, and he notices a baby. He says, “Hi Baby” to which the baby responds by blowing him kisses. This exchange is related several gloriously adorable times until he notices that the baby has milk. Now he wants milk, but I brought nothing because he was going to sleep the whole time and refuse food and drink. Thankfully, I have cash which I never do, and we head to the vending machine. They have milk there. It’s not whole milk, but he’s basically drank nothing for several hours. I think it will do except he doesn’t drink out of a milk jug yet. After several attempts which get his favorite shirt wet which he hates vehemently, I get an idea. Digging in the diaper bag, I find a pen. I rip the pen apart down to the barrel to MacGyver a straw. This is my finest parenting moment. He drinks some milk. We wait some more. Finally, around 11 we’re called back. After the resident and the supervising doc see us, we head home. He’s fine. The nurses,  though, they may have fallen in love and had their hearts broken as he was bent on charming them.

The fever was fine all the next day. We had a slight recurrence on Wednesday and I thought for sure we were headed to ear infection town and another ER visit, but he rallied after a little Tylenol and has been fine, although with a small cough, ever since.

Have your kids ever been miraculously cured by a visit to the ER?

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Subscription boxes

What’s up with all the subscription boxes? Now, don’t confuse these with “(Blank) of the Month” clubs.  Those have been around for a while.  You pay something, and you get a sample of that item every month.  But they’re pretty specific.  Jerky of the Month, Nuts of the Month, Salsa of the Month.  You sign up for this, and you know what you’re going to get.

But at some point, people decided to say, “Hey!  We’re being to specific.  Can we generalize our concept even more?”  And they didn’t go to “Snack Food of the Month”, or “Chip dip of the Month” to expand their horizon.  They jumped to categories that basically define reality show contests for those first few episodes until you know their names. Beauty, Athlete, Suave Guy, Sassy, Nerd, Gamer (yes, there’s a distinction between the two), and more.

Now, I personally have a hard time spending my money on unknown stuff. Can I drop a quarter into a gumball machine not knowing whether I’ll get a purple or yellow gumball?  Yes.  Am I willing to spend $25 to $100 on a few items I have no control over? Nope.

You can go onto YouTube and watch these videos (search for the box name followed by “unboxing”) to get an idea of what’s included. Many of the boxes include some items whose MSRP is $39.99, but you can find the item on Amazon for $3.99.  Some boxes included knockoff items that were just junk.  I saw one where the guy got a portable speaker.  Some includes items you just can’t use (sorry, not everyone has an iPhone 6, but thanks for including that $9.99 $.99 screen protector that I can’t use).  We even found one that included a “cologne” in the box.  It was geared to the “comic con” crowd and not the “sophisticated man” crowd. The person opening it pretends to be excited to get “Hulk Cologne”, even though you probably don’t want to smell like the Hulk, and the dude still has the bottle of Thor cologne from last month.  But the box swears it’s worth $24.99, so you’re getting a steal!  They also included a lot of stickers. I’m just curious what the heck people were doing with all their stickers.  You’re not in elementary school anymore.

Found one where it costs $100.  They even listed the previous month’s content on their website. I searched for the items on Amazon, and you were paying $100 to have someone send you something you could get for $38 via Amazon Prime.

Have you ever gotten one of these mystery boxes?  What was your experience?

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Thanksgiving 2014

Bryan and I stayed up later than usual watching a movie, so morning came a little too early for me. Bryan was already checking out the online prices of some purchases we’ve been planning, and the girls were getting ready. I herded everyone to the kitchen where we made these cute Thanksgiving cinnamon rolls I found on Good Cheap Eats.

After breakfast, the girls and I started working on dinner foods. Hannah worked on mashed potates, and Emma started cranberry sauce. I got the turkey started, and then got ready for the day. We made rolls, stuffed peppers, and green beans. I had made desserts yesterday. A little after noon, we sat down to this.

After a little cleaning, Micah, Bryan, and I were ready for a rest. The girls were ready to play in the snow. When Micah finished his nap, we called the girls in and had some dessert.

Micah was a big fan of “cookie pie”.

We chatted with my parents over Skype since they ended up home alone for the holiday.

Now, we have a little cleaning to do to get ready for the big decorating day tomorrow.

But before we go, or family has been so blessed this year, we thought we’d share our Top Fourteen of 2014 Thankful List for this year all together and in no particular order.

Of course, we are thankful first for God and His Word and Jesus’s sacrifice for us. We’re thankful for food, clean air and water, shelter, Bryan’s job, and all of the computerized/internet automagic that goes with living in 2014. We’re deeply grateful for our family and those love. We’re thankful that all of us are in generally good health, but here’s the rest of the list

The Logan’s Top 14 of 2014 Things to be Thankful For

  1. Micah beginning to talk more and more and all the time
  2. Hannah getting braces
  3. New skills- Emma cooking, Micah walking, etc.
  4. Amie’s opportunity to teach Emma’s Essentials class
  5. Variety of weather (warmth after long winter, new snow to play in)
  6. Books! And weekly trips to the library we started this year
  7. Trip to Valley Fair
  8. Trip to Inspiration Point
  9. Redoing the kitchen
  10. Bryan expanded to the Apple App store
  11. Hannah’s alarm clock (Mom doesn’t have to get her up anymore!)
  12. Monster trucks (this mostly applies to Micah)
  13. Participating in Bible Bee another year
  14. Both girls got to participate the same choir this year, and Hannah loves being in older kids choir

What is your family thankful for this year?

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Giving thanks when there’s a hole

I was reading Psalm 9 the other day and, being close to Thanksgiving, the first two verses caught my attention.

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
    I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.
I will be glad and exult in you;
    I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.

But, then, the Psalm seems to veer off and talk about enemies and the wicked.

I don’t think to give thanks to God in those situations.

I don’t give thanks in illness and broken relationships and unfulfilled longings.

But David did, and he tells us why in verses 7-10

But the Lord sits enthroned forever;
    he has established his throne for justice,
and he judges the world with righteousness;
    he judges the peoples with uprightness.

The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed,
    a stronghold in times of trouble.
 And those who know your name put their trust in you,
    for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.

Whatever our situation, we can give thanks because God is on His throne. His justice and righteousness will prevail. He is our stronghold, and He has not forsaken us.

He sent Jesus. My substitute in punishment for sin. No, He has not forsaken us. God has shown His immeasurable love by sending His Son to die for us. To give us hope. To give  us a refuge in this life and eternally.

No matter what circumstances life is throwing at you this Thanksgiving. No matter what gaping hole seems to be consuming you: job, relationships, loss, hardship, illness; God’s unfailing love is the constant. He longs to be your comfort, your salvation.

We can give thanks because of Him.

I hope God has put you in a place that you can count many, many more blessings, but if He has not, He is still an advocate, a comforter, and supplies all that you need.

We’ll have a post later with all of our Thanksgiving fun, but what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

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Cuter than duck face, that’s for sure

You know how when your little person is fussing, sometimes you carry them over to a mirror and show them the baby? I found out by laziness accident serendipity, that the front camera on your phone serves the same purpose. He stopped fussing, but then, he surprised me by making faces. Amused and taken aback, I used the camera for its actual purpose to capture the moment.








Toddler happy. Mission accomplished.

What do you do when your kids are crabby? Obviously, I could use some fresh ideas.

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This is not in my personality description

So, when you’re painting cabinets, you have a lot of time to think. Sometimes I turn on a podcast, but other times people are sleeping. So I’ve been thinking a lot. And I’ve thought about how some people custom paint cabinets professionally. And after, I thought, “Why? They could have done anything, ANYTHING else.” Then I wondered, what kind of personality type are the people who paint cabinets? What does their Myers Briggs look like? I’m an INFJ. I’m pretty sure cabinet painters aren’t that, or else I probably need to turn in my card and get a new type, and I think that’s hard to do. Then I think, this is probably a result of too many fumes, you should get some air.

What’s your personality type?

Does it like to paint cabinets?

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Kitchen color schemes

I’ve mentioned before that we’re remodeling our kitchen. Because Bryan and I have defined our style as cheap and bland, we’re going with some browns and beige colors primarily. But, as we’ve talked about it, I’ve verbally designed kitchen spaces for each of my children. I gave Emma a very traditional kitchen, Hannah a very colorful kitchen, and Micah a kitchen with easily accessible snack cupboards. After this, Hannah told me it would be awesome to paint her kitchen by putting some paint cans in the middle and then setting off some dynamite in the midst of the paint cans for a splatter effect. Because of this interesting insight, I gave each of the kids their own kitchen printout to color as they would design their own kitchen. Here are the results.







I think the pictures speak for themselves.

What’s your ideal kitchen color scheme?

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