Feeding ducks

One thing I’ve enjoyed doing in Rochester ever since I came to Rochester was to feeding the geese at Silver Lake.  They’re Giant Canadian geese.  Or Giant Canada geese.  I can never remember the wording.  They had newspaper vending machines with corn in them that you could feed to them, but they got rid of those a few years ago.  So we have to bring food now if you want to feed them.  We had some hot dog buns that were too old and crusty for human consumption, but fine for fowl.  So I took the girls down to Silver Lake after work and we went to find ducks, since the ducks are smaller than the girls and they enjoy feeding them more.  I’m not sure if the geese were extra hungry or what, but they saw us feeding ducks and they came over from the other side of the lake.

Earlier in the summer, we tried to feed them and they must have been full because they wouldn’t even bother eating bread that hit them on the head.  Luckily, we were in a place where they wouldn’t come up to the girls and they could keep feeding them.  So we tried to throw bits of bread to the ducks and hope they could snatch it before the geese could.

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