Indoor Clothesline

OK, so this is a photo of my laundry family room. And, yes, I am crazy extremely frugal. One of my frugal experiments has been with line drying clothes. Now due to fairly serious allergies and cold winters, outdoor clotheslines have not worked out for me. However, during the fall, winter, and early spring indoor clothelines work great.

I’ve varied this up. Sometimes, I use the drying rack in front of the fire place. Sometimes, I simply hang items to dry in the laundry room (usually a combo of the two). I’ve found that I cannot do more than about a load (or two) a day with this method, and I’ve found little success with towels (I don’t like crusty towels). Also, I find the need to dry t-shirts every so often in the dryer or else they get weird and stretched out. The above-pictured set up in my family room is the newest incarnation of this idea, though probably not the last. So far it works pretty well, and the girls enjoy it (it’s very pioneer-ish).

How much money does it save? Well, on a month that I line dry most of my laundry, I can save around $30 which is not too bad. It’s also not a huge time investment since during the winter as I have more line dry clothes than usual (jeans and sweaters). However, when laundry gets backed up (or we need to use the door to the sunroom often), I don’t stress over it. I just use the dryer.

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