Making your own

You know how people use their job skills or hobby skills around the house?  You have that carpenter friend who made his own custom entertainment center with the quirks for his usage?  Or the plumber friend who installed a drinking fountain next to the bed for when people are thirsty in the middle of the night?  Or like Amie, who can sew up anything?  So what do you do when your skills are computer programming and Rubik’s cube?   Well, the first thing is to admit that the Rubik’s cube skill isn’t going to be much help.  So you focus on your computer programming skills.  Amie was mentioning all the various flash card decks she’d have to make for homeschooling, and I thought to myself, “There’s an app for that.”  And it turns out there’s a bunch of apps, but they’re either too complex for what we need, or have ads over the top.  So I wrote my own Android app for flashcards.  It’s nice because it does exactly what we need, and it’s also a learning opportunity for me.  Plus, I can customize it for certain things.  For example, I saw that Emma was going through the cards really really fast.  So I’m able to add in a forced delay.  You can’t do that with the purchased apps.

But flashcards weren’t the first app.  Shortly after I got my tablet, I wrote a program that does the Bible Quizzing scoring.  I’ll probably end up re-writing the entire scoring operations for Bible Quizzing this year.  Their current setup is a program written 25 years ago that runs in DOS.  And I’m also writing an app for running Rubik’s cube competitions.

So the Amish do a lot of things for themselves, like sewing their own clothes, grinding their own wheat, etc.  And I write apps for myself.  So when it comes to smartphones, I’m a lot like the Amish.

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