Why would you want to do that? Our homeschooling journey-Part 2

The logical conclusion to not wanting to use public schools was private school. I toured several preschool for Emma (our oldest) and finally decided to send her to one that was connected with a local private school. I assumed that we would send our children there. (Hannah was born shortly before Emma started.) However, as I watched the all-school activities, I started having concerns. One concern was that the school stopped at grade 8. I didn’t know if my children would be ready to handle a public school for high school, or if we wanted them to because of how we felt.  Another concern was that they school didn’t seem to really strive for academic excellence. The school seemed OK with just a standard education; they were really not much different from public school aside from having a weekly chapel. A final concern was that at the Fall Harvest event, scary and immodest costumes were accepted. This was not the moral excellence we were looking for in a private school. So, I started looking at another school. This one introduced to me the concept of Classical Christian Education. I was sold. Here was something that taught kids how to think and how to express themselves. It had a great art program, good choirs and bands, excellent academics, and a sports team for every season. The school had kids who went to college and kids who were National Merit Scholars. It was lovely. It was expensive, but it was worth it for my kids. We decided to move to this school for kindergarten, and Emma had a really great experience there. Her teachers were excellent, and it was kind of hard to leave. But, God was calling us in another direction.

Part 3 will talk about why we left private school.

See Part 1

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