Why would you want to do that? Our Homeschooling Journey-the Conclusion

Here’s a few things that I’ve found to be really great about homeschooling so far.

More creativity-My Emma is busting out of her shell. Impromptu plays, singing around the house, more time for sewing/weaving/embroidery. Hannah has always had this, but she has always been home.

Suddenly, I’m the expert.- My kids are FULL of questions for me, so much so that I sometimes get tired answering them all. But I am so thankful that they see me as their teacher and an expert in so many things, and that I get to help them learn so much.

Character work- I am able to notice areas that we need to work on, and I have the time to focus on character.

More time- Because we’re not doing so much running, we have more time to do piano practice, chores, and other things that used to clog up our afternoons leaving more time to PLAY and read.  We’re also not rushing to get lunches packed in the morning or making sure the girls get breakfast eaten before we have to leave.

More money- Homeschooling isn’t free.  You still need to buy curriculum, supplies, etc.  However, it’s still cheaper than tuition.  With tuition out of the picture, we are able to make a budget where we can put more into our medical savings.  We are also able to handle long-term things such as vehicle and appliance replacement.

More structure- This, ideally, creates more structure for my day, making sure that I get something done each day.

Better sibling relationships- They play very well with each other and other homeschool friends are less likely to put down younger or older siblings and make sure they’re included instead.

Work at our own pace- Hannah’s getting ready to start some 1st grade work, but she’s starting math before she moves on in phonics, and we’re still working on the same history and science and Latin. Emma’s over half way through her math book and English book. We don’t have to go the pace of the school year or the slowest one in class.

Vacation on our time- Bryan and I have always been opposed to interrupting school time to do vacations, but the best deals and the least crowding happens during the school year which is now open to us due to

An all-year schedule- Why forget half your math over the summer? Why fight the kids to get back into routine? We run a loose 6 weeks on, 1 week off schedule with a few extra weeks in there for vacations and such.  I like that it helps us structure our summer better and have shorter days on Fridays.  Snow days won’t really affect us.  However, school may get cancelled when spring makes its first appearance.

Activities- Contrary to what some people might think, homeschooling doesn’t happen completely at home.  There is a homeschooling choir that the girls go to once a week, and we have a co-op at our church that meets every other week, where they study Minnesota history, literature, and give speeches.  There are also field trips with the co-op, and we are able to take our own field trips when we want.

This is a little of what I’ve found so far that has been really great about homeschooling. I love getting to know (and learn!) what they are learning. I love getting to expose them to great books, history, art, music, and math (I can’t wait for algebra. I’ve been missing it so!) I love being with them as a family. For us, it is a great choice that we are thankful to have.

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