Amie’s new job

What are some things that have surprised me in my new role as teacher?

1-I’ve had to recover my cursive writing in order to inspire my cursive writer to use hers.

2-I also had to learn how to print D’Nealian script.

3-I find myself spontaneously making learning aids. I’m currently creating botanical posters.

4-Drawing an elephant apparently helps one learn Latin (sorry, an elephantus) which means I had to try to draw an elephant/elephantus. I am not good at drawing elephants, but the Drawing with Children book helped immensely.

5-My simple math skills have improved rapidly with repeated practice, and correcting of papers

6-The scheduling logistics of homeschooling are super complex. Time is a valuable thing.

7-History is still one of my favorite subjects

8-I could use a personal assistant. Particularly so when I am sick.

9-You don’t have to know something to teach it, but you will probably learn it by the time you’re done.

9 is not a great number to end a list for, but that’s all I can think of right now. I need to go read aloud now which is definitely some kiddos’ favorite part of the day.

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