Frugal Fun-Haircutting 2 approaches

When I got married to my wonderful husband, we had some assumptions about one another that needed correcting. I thought that he was going to do repairs. He thought that I was going to cut hair. I’m pleased to say that we’ve both come a long way, and Bryan does A LOT more repairs than he originally thought he could (I always believed in him), and I, after ten years, caved and finally cut Bryan’s hair. We picked up a small beard trimmer so that Bryan could trim his sideburns, and I started using that to trim his hair. After about 2 haircuts, we moved up to the Wahl trimmers from Sam’s Club. It’s been a good investment. I enjoy cutting his hair as well, since it is nice quality time for chatting and such. Here is my approach to trimming hair: I start by using the trimmer on the back and sides. Then, I blend in the back and sides at the top with a scissors. I trim the front and around the ears with a scissors. And, finally, I take the trimmer again, with no guard this time, and shape the back. We’ve had great success, and this time it only took me about 30 minutes whereas it has taken me longer before. My husband says to note that wives shouldn’t be afraid to cut hair because your husband probably really doesn’t care if you mess it up (I messed up going around the ears once, and it’s true, he didn’t care) unless he has to deal with a lot of clients or something. My husband has also had the same hair cut since about junior high, so this makes it simple in that I don’t have to learn how to cut any new styles. I just have to master the one 🙂

The Before. EEEEEEK!

The After. Now there's a good lookin' man.










So, being cheap, I wanted in on this free hair cutting (I cut my daughters’ hair as well). So, I asked Bryan if he would cut my hair. The panic was palpable, but he agreed on the insistence that if he messed it up, I would be willing to go to a real hairstylist to get it fixed. I agreed. As he pondered the situation, he decided that there was only one real solution to ensuring a straight cut for the back of my hair: a laser level mounted on our camera tripod. So, after much set up, he trimmed the 1/2-1 inch that was getting icky on the back of my hair, then I went up to the mirror and trimmed the front and added a few layers.

The Set-up

Measuring . . .

Hey, we didn't do too bad!

A blurry photo of those laser-precise ends 🙂

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