Holiday Hint: Garland/light holders

Here’s a handy thing I made a few years ago:

Is it a bunch of cardboard I’s? Yes. They’re garland and light holders. There’s slits at the tops to tuck in the end of the string or lights. If it’s something thick, you may want to make like a J-shaped notch or something. Anyways, when you take your tree down, tuck in an end, and then wrap the item around the I and then when you’re at the end, tuck the end into the other notch. Next year, unnotch the side you finished with and unwrap as you put it onto the tree.  It saves us a ton of time each year when we’re setting up the tree.  If you have a longer string of lights (or something that you want to leave your strands connected when you store them), then just make your I taller.  If you have a thicker item, you may want to make the sides of the I (technically called the “serifs”) longer.

Hope it helps you out!  Merry Christmas!

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