Capitol Building and Ramsey House Field Trip

Today, we went up to the Capitol Building for a homeschool field trip. It was immense, it was covered in precious stones (lots of imported marble, local granite, huge slabs, columns, and all the stairs). I really couldn’t believe how crazy, expensive that place was. The tour guide said the architect wanted to create the most beautiful building. It was a beautiful building, but I’m still too frugal to approve such a place, especially on tax dollars.

Our capitol building is one of the few that actually contains all three branches of the government inside it (although the Supreme Court apparently built a new building some time ago and uses it all but one week a month). Hannah had several questions about how the court worked, especially the time limits for hearing cases.

Then, we got to eat in the lunch room which was covered in German mottos like: “Whether you eat or drink, say grace” and “A cheerful guest is always welcome” which were nice and cute. And then some like: “Better be tipsy than feverish” and “If the over is too hot, I close the damper” which were odd. The mottos were in German, but we were given a sheet with translations. Apparently, these were recent renovations because although they were there early on, they were painted over in anger during WWII. I did not know the our state had such a temper!

After that, we went to the Ramsey House which is an old house of an early governor which was decorated in Victorian style for Christmas. On the way up, I told Emma, “Too bad it’s not the Dave Ramsey house” She says “Yeah, because then it would have money-saving stuff and pine trees around it.” Umm…..OK

The girls loved the Ramsey house because it’s all historical, and they love history. Everyone was dressed historically, and we got cookies baked in their old, old oven. Hannah again asked cute questions. Emma liked the kitchen and the dresses on display. Hannah wanted to play with the toys in the nursery. I was itching to look at the books on the shelves. It was really neat. Plus, they gave us cider before we even started. Emma really liked it. While we waited, we were, of course, in a gift shop. There were fans there. Emma let me know that they would make great Christmas gifts, so I picked up two for stocking stuffers (Shh! Don’t tell!)

A big part of the excitement was that I could not find the GPS today. Fortunately, I was able to follow someone who knew the way there and to the Ramsey house, and then I was able to follow someone else who could find their GPS on the way home. Of course, Bryan found the GPS at home within about 2 minutes. Oh well, I guess it just added to the fun, and we made it there and home in one piece, hurrah!

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