Stick your head in the snow and My Weekly Goals

Yesterday as Emma was playing in the snow, she decided to make a snow angel. She finished her waving of arms and legs and got up to check her work. Because her hood had impeded her angel head from forming, she decided to stick her head in the snow-face first in order to get the snow-angel appearance she wanted. She then stuck her little mitten into the snow above it to create a halo–aaawww, so cute. But what struck me was the length she was willing to go to in order to achieve what she wanted to accomplish. So, I’m hoping to “stick my head in the snow” figuratively (not literally because that would be cold, brrr!) and get my goals done this week. Here are my goals:

1- Get 4 gifts cut out and machine sewn before Saturday so I can hand sew during Bible Quizzing

2-Sew wrap skirts

3-Cut out family pajamas

4-Get jumper tops pieced together

5-Get dishes done each night and counters wiped clean

6-Practice “clean as you go” kitchen technique

7-Encourage the girls to keep homeschool schedule (emphasis on encourage, not nag 🙂 )

8-Exercise at least 3 times this week

9-Help the girls finish making Christmas gifts

10-Fold loads of laundry that I start

11-Get card base ready for kids caroling event

12-Wrap at least 2 gifts per day.

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