A New Menu Planning Challenge for Me

The stuff in my freezers is getting old which is not a good thing, so I’m trying to plan my menus around what I actually have in my freezers and not purchase much until the old stuff is all gone. This week’s menu looks like:

Saturday: quiche (uses up eggs, cooked sausage and hashbrowns in the freezer)

Sunday: popcorn (not a freezer or pantry issue, just a family tradition)

Monday: pork chops and rice mix (both from freezer and pantry)

Tuesday: Hawaiian chicken (uses chicken breasts and rice)

Wednesday: eat at church

Thursday: spaghetti and meatballs (uses ground beef)

Friday: ham (uses some ham I quartered and put in the freezer this fall)

Saturday: fish (Bryan will be gone for dinner, so this seemed like a good time to use it)

So, my shopping list for this week consists of milk, eggs, fruit, cinnamon, and a can of pineapples and oranges. Not too shabby. After a few weeks, I will be ready to start stock-piling some deals again. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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