Interesting Conversations-Updated

Did you know that numbers have genders?

Hannah turned to me today and said “Did you know that 7 is a girl?”

Ummm….no, I was pretty sure that numbers were neuter (for those of you not studying Latin nouns, that would be, without gender.)

Hannah adds “And 1 is a girl.” As she continues on with her math worksheet.

By this time I am curious and start asking about other numbers. Then, it starts getting a bit heated as Emma and Hannah argue the genders of other numbers and start throwing larger numbers into the mix. I even got in on the argument when Emma asserted that 17 was a boy. I said that it was not logical that 17 could be a boy when 1 and 7 are girls. She conceded. Finally, things were beyond distracted, and I asked them to get back to their schooling, but

the general consensus is that 1, 6 and 7 are girls, and that 0, 2 and 5 are boys. Beyond this, there was no certainty. (Except in some higher numbers, however by this time my mind was getting “numb”er)

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