Schedules and Routines

I believe I am on my 4th schedule in a year for homeschooling. I really like this new one and so do the girls, so I’m hoping it will work out for a few months and just need minor alterations here and there.

Since we’ve had 4 schedules and 3 haven’t worked out for us long term, should I give up on scheduling? My opinion is “no” because I think that scheduling at the very least allows me a way to see what we could be doing each day and try to get as much of it done as possible. It also lets me know if we are running far behind. One thing that I would like is a special Thursday schedule (Thursdays seem to be our grumpy day of the week) which might go something like this:

7 a.m. get everyone up by prying them out of their beds with a crowbar

7:40 nag them 47 times to get dressed, get through breakfast and chores with a few hundred more nags, have no time for read aloud because of the aforementioned nagging and not doing stuff,

9:00 start math, interrupt no less than 3 times for weeping and gnashing of teeth

10:00 give up on the schedule and life, sit on the computer for a little bit while reminding the girls of unfinished tasks

12:00 eat lunch and try to clean up some

12:30 send everyone to their rooms to read and finish unfinished work, bask in the quiet and realize the day isn’t so terrible after all

1:45 start getting everyone ready for choir

2:00 drop everyone off at choir and enjoy doing some craft work

3:30 get the girls a snack and help them finish anything else up

4:00 try not to get stampeded when you tell them they can go play until dinner, then zone out until 4:30

4:30 find chocolate in the house and start working on dinner

5:15 listen to Bryan tell about his day and tell Bryan all about my day *sigh* and how I wish I could cancel Thursdays

This, however, is our actual schedule

7 am- wake up

7:30- breakfast

8- daily chores

8:30- read aloud and drawing

9- Emma does Math, Hannah does Math

9:30-Emma finishes Math, Hannah does Phonics

10-Emma does Spelling and Typing, Hannah does Handwriting

10:30- Emma does English, Hannah practices piano

11-Emma does Latin, Hannah does English

11:30- Emma practices piano, Hannah does Latin

12:00- Lunch, devotional, and geography

12:30-1:30- quiet reading time with current literature selections and history reads for Emma

1:30- PE time

2:00- History or Science (or choir)

2:30- Writing for Emma, Drawing for Hannah

3:00- School dismissed unless you haven’t finished your work, then you have to finish before you can play, on Tuesdays this time holds piano lessons


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