The First Week – Home perspective

Bryan started his new job on Monday, and things are a little different at home. The first difference is that Bryan gets dressed in a suit every morning. This looks a lot different than jeans/shorts and a t-shirt or polo shirt. It feels a little more Leave it to Beaver-ish, maybe I should start wearing an apron, pearls, and heels? I definitely feel like I have a drought of Italian-named clothing labels in my side of the closet:) Maybe I should just be thankful that I can wear cotton everyday. I probably won’t go around wearing sweats everyday, though, it would just make Bryan jealous.

Another difference is that he leaves to get on the bus around 7 a.m. He used to take off in the car between 7:30 and 7:45, so he is leaving a little earlier, and his car is in the garage so when we return from somewhere, someone (usually Hannah) will make a remark that even though Daddy’s car is home, Daddy may or may not be home yet. I’ve been getting the girls up around 7 with the new routine, and the act of saying good-bye to Dad actually aids in them being fully awake, and not as likely to just crash back on the couch in their pajamas,  plus I can then spend time with Bryan before he leaves and still get in a shower before we start school. So, the bus routine, even though it’s a little strange, is working well with the new schedule and is saving us some gas money 🙂

No Bryan at lunch time. Lots of wives call their husbands at work. Unless I have a burning question, I’ve never been one of those. However, with Bryan not making an appearance at lunch, I am slightly more lonesome for him during the day. So, although I still don’t call him, sometimes I send him a little email to let him know that we’re thinking of him. It always brightens my day when I get a reply (which Bryan is batting 1000 at).

He gets home later from work. Before, we didn’t usually know when Bryan would get home. Sometimes, I would have a plan in my head like: at 4:45 I’ll go down and start dinner. Then, if Bryan would get home at 4:40, I would be talking with him and not getting dinner started until much later. Now, I can go down at 4:45 or 5 and start dinner knowing that he will be home around 5:25. Reliability is nice.

Since it takes Bryan a little more time to get to and from work, I find that I am a little irritated when the girls decide to just continue on with their playing when Dad gets home (I think mostly this happens because it is much quieter since the garage door doesn’t go up and down). I guess I just want us to be able to have more family time in the time that he is home, and to some extent we have been doing this with a few games of Uno and such.

I have new coworker names to learn and get used to. It would be nice if Bryan could ask each of the coworkers that he was going to tell me about to pose for a picture so that I could match them up with a mental image, but for now I have more faceless names swimming around in my head. I should really imagine some faces to make it easier to remember (like the ones from the Guess Who? game), but then I just have this fear of seeing one of them at the mall with Bryan and letting it slip that they were not at all how I had imagined, and that just seems weird.

So, that’s what it’s like at home, and I’ll let Bryan tell everyone what he actually does all day 🙂

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