What I like today

Hannah humming “Come Thou Fount”

Organizing and rearranging the school room (it was only a minor furniture switch out, so don’t be alarmed, Bryan)

Having (making) time for a history activity

The warm little bump of Hannah on my lap this morning

Snuggles with Emma this afternoon

Cookies baking in the oven

Getting the bedding done in enough time to make the beds before church

Quiet Bible reading time followed by Emma snuggles

Handkerchief tied over Hannah’s hair for cleaning

The sounds of exercising during PE

Realizing that I have learned several Latin words while Emma worked on review

Finding my Mary Beth Carlson CD today

Figuring out how to label CDs that don’t label themselves in iTunes

Peach tea

Working out a menu plan

A picture of a female charioteer drawn by Emma

An email from my sister-in-law

What do you like today?

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