Appropriate for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

I was reading on Pioneer Woman that March 2 was Dr. Seuss’s birthday, so I decided that our read aloud would be Dr. Seuss books since I love them so much. I briefly considered making some green eggs and ham, but no one really likes that. This morning, I read Fox in Socks and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Then, Hannah and I read Green Eggs in Ham later on in the morning (Hannah read one page, I read the next). Hannah also read Hop on Pop.

Then, it was lunchtime. I made some breaded shrimp because it was Friday Fish Day at our house and the chickies LOVE shrimp. To accompany the shrimp, I peeled some kiwis. Hannah set up an immediate protest. “I DO NOT like kiwi!” I said “You do not like them so you say, try them, try them and you may. Try them and you may I say.” (All right, I’m not sure I said that exactly, but I did imply that it was just like Green Eggs and Ham.) I started the 1-2-3 countdown that parents should not do, but seems to work anyway. Hannah put the kiwi on her tongue, and her face brightened. She said “Say I like it! I like kiwi! I do so like it, my mommy.” (OK, so she didn’t really say that either, but don’t think that I’m not using homeschool as an excuse to train my children to speak and write in Seussian prose.)

Now, I’m off to read Cat in the Hat before rest time! I hope none of our day is inspired by that book, but if some Voom! should show up from the sequel, that would be A-OK.

Note: If any of the references in this post confused you, you should run, not walk, posthaste to the library to partake of some Dr. Seuss. Really, you must!

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