Determination and Tantrums

Sometimes school or other things are just hard. On Monday, Emma had a Latin Unit test. It had over 100 different items that I graded. It was long and hard, and Emma did not know every single answer. This bothered her, and she got upset and took a short field trip to her room. I made her come out, and low and behold when she finished it, she answered all but 7 items correctly. However, those 7 things had discouraged her so greatly that she just wanted to give up.

Yesterday, I showed Emma a youtube video of a young woman playing one of the piano pieces she has been learning. The piece is called Vivace, and it is in cut time which means it goes super fast. It also has several difficult intervals and moves quickly between her hands. Today, when Emma went to practice, she started playing the piece more quickly (yet still working on the notes) than she had ever attempted before. She had mistakes that she knew about, but when we talked about it, she felt that if she spent enough time on it, that she could play it well at the fast speed.

What makes the difference between melting down and getting it done? Do I need to find videos of girls doing Latin tests 🙂 I don’t know, but I did make a facetious new rule on Monday after multiple melt downs that Hannah actually followed today.

Only one girl per day may have a meltdown because otherwise Mommy gets too tired.

Hannah had some difficulty on Wednesday with some new piano stuff, so I told her that it was Emma’s turn today. Tonight I was holding her in my lap, and I told her how proud I was of her that even when piano was hard she didn’t have a fit, she just kept going. She told me that it was because it was Emma’s turn today. I mentioned that I didn’t think Emma had used her turn, and Hannah said that maybe she wouldn’t need to use her turn tomorrow either 🙂 One can only hope, right?

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