Allergies are hitting full force, so I was up earlier with no desire to lay back down 🙂 Got the girls up and ready. We are still recovering from the time change, so it seems like everyone is going slow-mo.

I further slowed things down by putting a mixture of olive oil and tea tree oil on Emma’s scalp to try to help get rid of her scalp stuff (cradle cap-like flakes). Emma didn’t like it much, but she preferred it to Scalpicin and she liked how soft her hair was after.

During school, Hannah had some trouble drawing G-clefs and figuring out her doubles + 1 facts. That made her quite sad as she was tired, but she recovered. There was also slowness on Emma’s part, but we will finish school eventually 🙂

Emma made lunch for Hannah, cracker sandwiches and grapes. She always has such creative presentation for her meal creations.  Then, it was quiet time, or something like that since I ended up helping Emma wash out her oil, and getting Hannah her clothes to fold.

Then, we left for choir. It was nice enough to walk, hooray! But, I was planning on doing a few errands, so I walked the girls there, walked back, ran my errands, came home, walked to choir again. But then, it was so nice, I decided to surprise them with a trip to McDonald’s for ice cream. So, we walked on over, and walked home with our cones. Hannah was SO happy.

Finally, we came back home. Hannah took a shower, and now we’re finishing school and working on gifts for a birthday party on Saturday.  Busy, busy, busy.


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