The great birthday dash or The smiley face post

Yesterday was my birthday. We started the celebration Wednesday night because Thursday was going to be busy, so I’ll tell you a little about that. After Bryan got home, I was making some bread, so he went out to mow the lawn. When he came in, the girls wanted to give me my present. First, I got some cards. They each had 1/2 of a treasure map!

So, it took a little while (there was a picture of a toilet that looked suspiciously like a spider 🙂 ), but I determined the gift looked like it was in Emma’s closet. After I search in there for a long time, I found the treasure chest with an “X” marking the spot. They got me a fun menagerie of items from Hobby Lobby (garden tools, a hat, etc) including a make-it-myself dress 🙂 Then, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was pretty good, but the dessert we had was REALLY good.

Thursday, we got up and got ready, and then we started to run! We went to breakfast, to Staples for ink, to the mall, to lunch, to JoAnn Fabrics, to choir practice, to Kelly’s Sewing Center, back to choir, back home to get a few missing items, back to choir, back home with the girls this time. At home we took a brief pause, then I ran to get Bryan and some supper. Back home, we ate dinner, and I braided two of the cutest heads of hair ever known to mankind. Then, we went to see the concert. Hannah did very well on her songs, and Emma’s musical was very cute. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

During all the running, my mom purchased some nice birthday gifts for me, and we were able to do some other fun shopping. Also, my wonderful husband says I can pick out a grain mill for my gift from him which I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Today, we are tired, but I have plans for a nap for the girls and some coffee for me 🙂 Overall, it was a busy but nice way to spend a birthday, and I was glad to have my mom here for it. Thanks to everyone who called and wished me a happy birthday. It was happy. I am blessed by you all 🙂

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