There’s an app for that (PTO Tracker)

When I started the new job, vacation time was a little bit different than I was used to.  Where I had previously had a total for the year and you worried about paying it back if you quit partway through the year, the new job is PTO.  Your vacation time accrues slowly and you can take it when you accumulate it.  This required a little more tracking.  I was curious if there was an app for it.  To my surprise, there was really only one, and it cost money, and it wasn’t that great.  So I decided to make my own.  And since I’m allowed to do things on my own time, I posted the app in the Android marketplace.   You can see it here.

It’s free, but it does have some advertising in it.  I doubt it’ll make me rich or anything.  I simply thought it would be fun to try and I could say I published an app.  If it makes us enough money to go out to McDonald’s, great.

And no, there are no plans for an iPhone/iPod version.  In order to develop for those, I would need to own a Mac computer, which are more expensive than the simple computers we get now.  Maybe if my free app makes me enough money to buy a Mac and an iPod, I’ll work on those versions.

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