Emma made dinner!

Last night was the first night that Emma made some dinner for us. She has helped some in the past, but I had noticed that she really wasn’t interested in helping with dinner much anymore, but if you asked her to bake cookies or something else, she was all over it. I talked to her about it, and she said that she wanted to make things herself. Yesterday, she used her new cookbook from Gramma Cheryl to make some pancakes for dinner. She was a little nervous, especially since she was doubling the recipe, but with a little bit of guidance from Mom, we managed to do that successfully (“Thank you, Mom, for not letting me add too much salt!”) I made some bacon while she cooked pancakes, then Emma wanted whipped cream, so I whipped some of that up. Then, Emma cut up strawberries and washed up blueberries. It was very good, and she did a great job, especially for her first time! She’s getting so grown up!

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Hi! I'm Amie. Bryan's wife. Joyful mother to three. Homeschool teacher. Seamstress. Kitchen experimenter. Trying to figure out this thing of being a disciple of Christ.
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