A Lunch Time Story

It was 12:20 or so and the chocolate milk I had made at 11 was definitely wearing off. I was hungry, and I needed some lunch. I headed down to the kitchen, followed by one who was complaining that I should help her figure out what she should have for lunch. So, I began listing the contents of the fridge, freezer, and pantry the best that I could while looking for what I could eat. Yesterday, I had broken down and made chili which I have been in the mood for for about 4 weeks, but since I fulfilled that craving yesterday, I was looking for something new. Salad sounded good. So, I got out a small head of romaine and chopped the entire thing up. Then, I began looking in my fridge. I had some old eggs, so I put those on to boil. Since I had to wait for eggs, I thought I might as well poach a little chicken (This is one of my new favorite ways to cook it! I put the chicken in a mixture of chicken stock, white wine, and butter. Add a little salt and pepper, cover and boil until done. Yummy!) Well, since I was waiting on chicken AND eggs now, I thought about crunchy salad toppings. I was pretty sure we had eaten up all the sunflower nuts, BUT I did have the tail ends of the (several) day old Jimmy John’s bread we had bought last week for election judge lunch. So, I made some homemade croutons. It was almost 1:30 by the time all the food had finished cooking, but with the addition of some carrots found in the bottom of the fridge and cucumbers from the garden (they were pickling cukes, but my salad needed them!), I finally had lunch! And it was a delicious work of art.


I realize that a normal, sane person would have just thrown on the carrots and cucumbers and some bacon bits, but they do not have impaired pregnancy brain, nor do they have as yummy a salad as I do.

Despite my temporary insanity, I think this must mean that the morning sickness must be wearing off because otherwise a few bits of cooked chicken probably wouldn’t have held me over for an hour. Woohoo!

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