Bryan’s Elementary Writing Folder- Case of the Hot Star

I am starting this series because reading Bryan’s Elementary School creative writing folder was hilarious for us. We’re going to leave his writing as is and add any commentary to these stories in blue for me and green for Bryan. This first story seems to have had an assignment to write from the perspective of a bug.

I was at the movie “Attack of the Killer Windshield,” then she sat down. She took me outside and said, “I am the mother of Matt Gnat the famous movie star. He’s been hurt. I need to find out how.” She took me to him. I said I was an insective (insect detective.  Get it?  I’m hilarious) and he mumbled smiled, lifted up his hand and covered his antennae. It was getting I would insert “late” here as a guess and a human came out and hit a switch. When I left I was attracted to a blue light. I was almost there when a leaf hit it, and I heard a terrible noise and the leaf was burnt. So I went home and then it hit me. I figured out what Matt said. He was flying, saw the light, and thought it was heaven and got burnt. I know some people debate about dogs going to heaven, but I think there’s much theological debate on insects.  Also, this story just ends. There’s no good cleanup up the situation.  The insective just gets some insights, but we don’t know what he actually does with it.  And wait, how did the mom find me at a movie theater?  It’s not like I was in my office. I knew I probably changed the setting to use the movie title pun, but I really didn’t think it through.  Oh, and it looks like the title “Case of the Hot Star”, kind of gives the solution away.  Of course, the whole thing is only 134 words, so it’s not like you’re in suspense for long.  I’m actually surprised at the length.  I think as an adult, I’ve had longer rants on how disgusting Reese’s Peanut Butter ice cream is.

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