Bryan’s Elementary Writing Folder- Harold’s Helpers

A few pre-notes from Amie: This story seems to have no other guidelines than it must contain the motto “Some is better than none.” Seeing Bryan’s cursive handwriting is weird since he has not used it since elementary school. Bryan has no respect for the right margin line. He writes right up the the edge of the paper. This story is shorter than the last. I don’t think he was as inspired by the topic 🙂 Also, a note as to what Harold’s Helpers did and who Harold’s Helpers were would be nice.

I think we probably had to write it with a moral and perhaps some trickiness.  I can see getting this assignment after reading Aesop’s Fables.  I’m not sure why it’s short.  Maybe I didn’t notice the glaringly obvious plot holes, or I just didn’t care.  Let’s see.  606 characters.  That’s like 4.3 Tweets.  Substitute “2” for “to” and abbreviate a few things after the first use, and we’re under 4 tweets.  Feel free to substitute “text message” for tweets.  Anyways, onto the commentary.

Harold’s Helpers were doing badly. They had to get some money fast (When old Bryan reads this line, he wonders if Harold’s Helpers are going to go on a crime spree to raise money), so they tried to get the house down the street (Yup, sounds like a crime spree). Harold was on vacation (Yeah, break into his house!). Leroy took over. The lady down the street had a contest to see who would get the job (Wait, a contest who can get a job?  It’s like I envisioned “The Apprentice” before it’s time). Round 1 is to who can sort quicker. Carrie’s cleaners won. Round 2 is who can put things gently in boxes (Hopefully you can catch on they’re a moving company by now.  Amie’s right about lack of intro and character development.  I probably could’ve been more descriptive in the rounds.  How do you lose in a sorting match?  Was it just time, or did Leroy end up with a book in the stack of pots and pans?  Did Carrie slam a vase into a box and it shattered to lose the gently in boxes round?). Harold’s Helpers won (That’s 1-1 for those of you keeping track at home). Round 3 was tomorrow. When they got a job offer Leroy said no so they could practice (Practice?  If you’re a moving company and you need to practice, you probably don’t deserve to get a job.  But you could envision that if this was a movie, this is where the inspiring music and multiple scenes of training occur). Round 3 is who can put things out side quicker (Amie, did I really make “outside” two words? Yes. Young Bryan, you should know better). It was a tie, no one got the job because it was done (Except for the glaring obvious fact that it’s just sitting in the front lawn and someone needs to move it somewhere.  I bet this lady pulled out some Mentos, popped one in her mouth, and just smiled at the workers.  Commercials portrayed eating Mentos as a free pass to do anything that would normally get your jailed or at least labelled first-class jerk). When Harold got there he told Leroy, “Some is better than none.”  (No Harold, you’re suppose to say, “You’re fired”.  Or perhaps, “Some is better than none, except for your next pay check.”)

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