Week 13- I need a keeper

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How do I feel? Tired. I haven’t found time for naps between school and other activities, and I still need them as sleeping in doesn’t seem to be an option with the nausea that kicks in right away in the morning, necessitating a trip downstairs for some breakfast.

How else do I feel? Stupid. No, I’m not unable to solve math problems or read interesting literature, but I haven’t been eating consistently like I need to which has led to an increase in throwing up which I dislike very much. Also, I have found myself inexplicably getting into arguments with people on the internet, a sure sign of out-of-control hormones, or stupidity, I’m really hoping it’s the first one. The final straw was yesterday when I put my phone in the washing machine (it is OK, praise the Lord).

So, if I could start carving out some time for naps, set myself a timer or something to remind me to eat before I’m heaving in the kitchen, restrain myself from correcting other peoples’ faulty logic online, and remember where I’ve put my phone, I think I’d be doing pretty good.

Besides this, I’m showing enough that people who know me are guessing and then asking others at church if I’m expecting. I feel so weird being the subject of other peoples’ conversations, but I guess it’s for a good reason, and I fully get why people wouldn’t want to come and ask someone “Are you expecting?” Because that could get so messy 🙂

This week has been cooler which has been great. You don’t notice the difference so much until it gets warmer one day and you’re sweating. But, it reminded me to be thankful for the weather change. I am definitely looking forward to fall, cooler weather and hopefully less nausea and allergies. We’ve seen a few signs with a leaf color change here and there, so maybe it will come early this year. Of course, I hope that it doesn’t come too early for the farmers, though.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling baby move somewhat regularly. This has mostly felt like a little hard ball on one side or the other, although there have been other flutters as well.

Last week I forgot to mention that I had a dream several weeks ago that this little one is going to be a boy. Will I be correct? I really have no idea, but I found it interesting that I actually had a gender predicting dream and that it was different from what I had presupposed (I have 2 girls, we’ll probably have another one). It could just be that subconsciously I think it would be nice to have a boy, but really, we are happy with either one.

2 final nice things. Emma told me today that my belly isn’t very big yet. Bless her heart! And, I got a new book, and I’m headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics today with the sale and my coupons to get some fabric for the cute maternity top!

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