Week 14- Up and Down

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Well, the first trimester is supposed to be officially over now. Which is generally cause for celebration, and I think it is, in time and moderation. Monday went well, I cleaned like crazy, Tuesday started out OK, but I petered out by the end of the day, and Wednesday I was exhausted. Thursday, I was very queasy again, but I pulled it together enough in the afternoon (read: I think I got dressed about 4:45 for the day) to finish the birthday preparations. Today, we partied for Hannah, and I managed to make breakfast and dinner and dessert (and some muffins) as well as win a bunch of tickets at skee ball while we were at Chuck E. Cheese. So, I think I did OK.

I’ve been exercising a lot more this week which has been good. I am noticing more back pain as I do that mostly because I’m getting bigger and needing to use different muscles to carry all that baby and uterus around, as well as, my center of balance is shifting. I can feel myself walking differently now.

I’ve also been eating more fruit and veggies. I really, really wanted a salad on Tuesday, and I ate one Wednesday as well. I also have been eating a steady diet of organic peaches that we bought from our local Youth for Christ.

I have not been napping, but I haven’t been exceedingly tired either. When I get tired, I’ve been resting, and that seems to be holding me.

Allergies are worse because weed pollen is HIGH. I’m still trying to be strong on not taking stuff, but waking up with a nose and throat full of gunk is never fun. I need to order my decaf tea.

The baby is moving, and in the last day or so, I’m feeling more moving and less baby in a ball here or there.

My clothes don’t fit, and my maternity clothes look like tents. If you all would refrain from looking at me for another month or two so I can just look like a slob until my cute belly gets here, it would be much appreciated 🙂 Actually, I’ve been trying to remedy this with scarves (used as belts) and sweaters, but it’s HOT, so the sweaters aren’t really that helpful and it’s hard to find scarves that match. Whine, whine whine. I need to get my cute maternity tops made. Although Emma still tells me my belly isn’t that big. On Thursday she told me it was the size of hers. I hope she was being nice because otherwise she has some serious body dysmorphia (why, yes, I was training in clinical psych 🙂 ).

No pics yet, but I’ll make someone take one when I finish my maternity skirt (and hopefully a cute top or two).

Highlight of the week is that I resolved to stop arguing on the Internet. I even stopped an Internet fight. Progress with the help of the Lord 🙂

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