I wrote a new app that’s called Quidbit.

It’s for storing “quick tidbits” of information.  There are a lot of different apps out there that store information.  Notepad and checklist apps are very popular.  So why did I bother with Quidbit?  Because while those apps are powerful and the perfect fit for many applications, I think sometimes people will compromise and use the app in a way that works, but doesn’t always work the best. It would be like using a butter knife as a screwdriver.  Sure, it works, but not all the time, and it doesn’t work well.  But that’s how we settle when dealing with our phones.

That’s why I made Quidbit.  I want to provide an app that will allow people to be more efficient with their data.  Right now there are two types of Quidbits you can have.

Checklists – This is an essential type of data.  You have items, you check them, you add/delete things, you sort them.  This is what you’d use for shopping lists, TODO lists, gift lists, or anything that ends in “list”.

Pick an item – Think about how often you pick something.  Whether it’s going out to a restaurant, determining who in the group gets to make the choice, or what outfit you wore.  All of that can be recorded with just a line in a notepad that says the item and the date.  That’s inefficient entry.  It takes longer to enter the data, and it takes longer to enter the date (which could also be error-prone entry).  So this is an example of doing something better.  In Quidbit, we allow you to make a list of items that you can choose from.  When you do, then item is recorded along with the current date and time.  When you choose “Other…” from the list of choices, you’re allowed to enter something that’s not on the list.  And then you can either just record that item, or record it and add it to the list for future use.

Right now those are the only two types of quidbits (C’mon, the apps in beta still).  This is one of those things that if I waited until I thought it was perfect, it would never see the light of day.  I probably won’t release too many other apps in beta.  I do plan on adding more quidbits in the future.  What kinds of things?  Well, they’re a secret for now.  But after a while, Quidbits should have many different types of quidbits so that you can choose on that’s best for your situation.  No more butter knife.

UPDATE: The released version is now out.  No more beta.  Things will gradually be updated.  Quidbit is available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logan.bryan.quidbit or you can scan the QR code:

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