All by myself

Apparently, Emma sometimes dreams that we send her back to school (instead of homeschool). This feels weird to her. However, to Hannah, this would be a horrible travesty of epic proportions. If Emma went back to school without her, Hannah would be  . . . ALONE!

These are some of the things Hannah listed that one can do if they are, tragically, left alone:

Watch streetlights change

Walk on the sidewalk

Watch cars carry people on their own feet

Watch eggs eat stoplights

Watch the big McDonald’s sign eat eggs

Watch McDonald’s eat until it burps

(Obviously, at some point, we drifted far, far off the course of reality. So, I’m guessing if you are left alone, a great thing you can do is use your imagination.)

So, now you know what to do if you are left all by yourself (or with your mother who is apparently not a very entertaining playmate 🙂 ).

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