Cooking w/Bryan: Pancake-wrapped bacon

For Hannah’s birthday, she wanted pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Whenever I make pancakes, I will sometimes make different shapes, like silver dollar pancakes (we call them baby pancakes) and pancake strips.  Occasionally I’ll try to make an “E” or an “H”, but this usually doesn’t turn out well.  Here’s some of the shapes:

Then I thought, “Why couldn’t we have a strip of bacon in there?”  I asked Hannah and Emma if they would want that, and they responded with an enthusiastic “Yeah!”.  So the first try, I made a strip and put a piece of bacon on top of it.

This actually didn’t work as well as I thought.  When the pancake went to be flipped, the other side was uneven from the bacon, so it wouldn’t lay flat.  So the next try, I laid down the bacon and poured batter over that.  Once it cooked for a while, I flipped it, giving me this:

That’s much better.  And here’s a picture of the birthday girl enjoying this awesome treat:


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