Heathen Pasta

I’ve read the Bible. I know that in different places at different times, people would sacrifice foods to idols. I know that some Christians (or Jewish people) did not feel comfortable eating foods that were for idols. However, until recently, I was fairly certain that pasta was not associated with any particular religion or doctrine.

Now, those who know me know that I am very fond of whole grains. I really like the nutty flavor of whole grains plus they are much better for you. I am such a fan of whole grains that I have a grain mill and buy bionaturae pasta. Because I like whole grains and care about giving my family good nutrition, I try to incorporate these food choices into our menu with some regularity. Sometimes, however, there is a sale or I take pity on my poor husband and buy him some refined grains. Even then, I will often buy something like “Smart Taste” pasta from Ronzoni. In any case, either my daughter has a bit of a flair for humor and sarcasm or mom’s dietary preferences have gone over the top (and since I do occasionally buy them sugar cereal, I’m guessing it’s the first) because the other day Bryan had started some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner while I was at worship team practice. The water was boiling, and I asked Emma to get out pasta. She says “All I could find was the heathen pasta!” In between laughing, I probably only served to reenforce the idea by “finding” the whole wheat pasta on the countertop.

So, if you want to eat like the heathens, go ahead and enjoy that refined grain pasta. As for me and my house . . .  🙂

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