Screen Blocker App

Amie’s phone is slightly broken.  The proximity sensor hasn’t been working.  Perhaps it was when she put it in the washer.  So what does the proximity sensor do? It’s the thing that turns off the screen when the phone is close to your face.  If it’s not working, the screen stays on and you end up hitting buttons like “mute” or “end call”.

So I ended up writing an app that brings up a screen that blocks these buttons from getting hit.  To get rid of this screen, you have to do a sliding action, which won’t occur accidentally with the phone bumping against your cheek. If you want the screen back, you can bring it back up from the notification bar.

I put this on Google Play for $.99.  There are some other apps that do something similar, but they cost much more.  And I also plan on adding a few more features.  But I realized that with PTO Tracker, I need to publish an app when it’s functional, because if I wait until it does everything I want, I’ll never get it out there.  And I didn’t do a free version of this, because showing ads on an app that runs when it’s pressed against your face wouldn’t be a wise decision.

I had to make an icon for this.  So I was playing around with Inkscape and stumbled upon some star tool, and if I moved the parts around, it make a funky shape.  I decided to go with that. Will I update it later?  Probably.  But this is a utility, so the graphics shouldn’t matter.  At least I’ll keep saying that to myself.  Go ahead and get it at Google Play.

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