Week 20- The halfway point?

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I like to see Week 20 as the halfway point just like everyone else does, but as one can only start counting from week 4 or later when you can actually confirm that you are, indeed, expecting, it seems a bit misleading. Also, the first 2 weeks, you are not pregnant. So, technically, next week will be the “official” halfway point if one has an exactly 40 week gestation, which I almost did with Emma (40 weeks, 1 day) and did not have with Hannah (~37 weeks). Optimistically speaking, I’m halfway there.

Allergies are slowing down some which is good. There’s a lot of wind here lately, so I still have some sinus issues, but things are starting to feel better. This little guy keeps getting heavier (which is a good thing), so I have a few more excuses to sit down. Last night, Bryan got to feel him move for the first time. He was impressed. He says, “How can something that weighs as much as a few apples make that hard of a kick?” In retrospect, I think our little guy had hiccups, poor baby. However, after feeling what he was able to land on me during the ultrasound, I’m pretty convinced this guy is a powerhouse. I am loving being able to feel his little kicks and jabs and hiccups.

This week has been somewhat tiring with making church dinner and AHG, but we took a few days off school and have been enjoying some special fun projects (a day for history and a day for learning about Japan for geography). Overall things are going well, and I feel like I’m in the golden second trimester of wonderfulness. Finally, congratulations to Rory and Jodi on their new little guy Cameron Jacob. I am looking forward to seeing him!

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