Week 25- Sorting and organizing

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This post and a few others will be late as I was at a conference Friday and Saturday. More posts will come describing the conference.

Bryan started prepping the baby’s room to paint this weekend, so I had to get some things out of there and sorted. One of the things that I was happy to sort through was boy clothes that others have given us. I have them all in drawers now waiting, and I’m getting excited even though we have 15, give or take, weeks to go.

Surprisingly, someone noticed for the first time that I was pregnant this week. I think this person must not be very perceptive or they just don’t know me very well because I’m a little past the first noticing part 🙂

I’ve been getting less sleep lately because of being woke up with busy thoughts, discomfort, or hunger, but I’m still getting enough to function pretty well.

I’ve been doing some exercises for my back which have been working wonders to help me be able to get to sleep. They seem to position the baby better so that he is not somewhere uncomfortable when I lay down.

Still hungry 🙁

Still feeling kicks 🙂

The girls’ room transition has continued with a few things getting up on the walls and more sorting being done. They seem to have settled in from the amount of mess in there that they will be cleaning up today 🙂

Not too much else is new on the baby front. I’m excited to be moving to the third trimester soon.

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