Week 26-the Powerhouse

 BabyFruit TickerWow, 98 days to go according to the little fruit ticker! We are certainly speeding up our getting ready process some since Christmas and Thanksgiving are going to put a little bit of a slow down on it.

The girls get to feel the baby move pretty much every day now, so they’ve nicknamed him the Powerhouse 🙂 It’s probably apt since I can see movement (not just feel it) on occasion now. He is certainly active! I may be VERY thankful that he’s the third and has two older sisters to play with.

I think there’s been a growth spurt because I’ve been hungry and everything feels heavier. I think it’s interesting how kids really seem to grow in spurts. I wonder if babies are not any different.

I love how food just takes over your thoughts. We couldn’t get through the science lesson this week without my thinking about food (comets=dirty snowballs=time for some Oreo truffles).

It was also a busy, busy week with choir concerts, and we’re all pretty tired. Not since the early weeks have I wanted to nap this badly. That combined with a busy schedule makes for a cranky mama. Oh well, there is always Sunday.

Bryan’s going to be painting this weekend, and we’re taking down some of the final vestiges of what was left of “Emma’s room”. The girls seem to be doing very well with sharing a room, and we haven’t had much issue at all. Hannah even vehemently defended her “right” to share a room, and stated that if she couldn’t share with Emma, she was going to share with Micah (AKA the baby, for those who haven’t heard). Makes me all philosophical about our “necessities” for kids.

On a final mom-related note, I finally got Emma’s skirt done for the choir concert (the day of the dress rehearsal). She loves it and twirls around like a princess.

Sometime next week, I hit the 3rd trimester, so I guess I’ll let you know if that brings about any major changes 🙂

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