Week 27-In search of the Yellow Ninja

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Hannah let me know this week that yellow ninjas were cleaning ninjas. We could have used one of those around here this week because it’s been a busy week. Saturday, I was running errands while Bryan painted Micah’s room. Sunday, we took the day off. Monday, we started doing some cleaning and sorting. We finished the top floor. Tuesday, we cleaned the kitchen floor and put together the crib. Then, I made pies with my American Heritage Girls unit. Wednesday, we made pies for Thanksgiving along with rolls and cranberry sauce. Thursday, we had a great Thanksgiving with Bryan’s brother and his wife. I tried making this turkey, and it turned out really good. Then, yesterday, we capped it off by starting our family Christmas fun. I’ll take some pictures and let you know about our family fun later today.

I realized this week that I get tired out much more quickly. My hips and back were not appreciating all the cleaning motions. Wednesday, the baking day, was much more relaxed than the other two simply because I did not have the stamina to clean for a few hours each day. I haven’t been sleeping as well lately either, I don’t know if that’s because I was preoccupied with plans or pregnancy-related sleep issues. I’m hoping the first 🙂 I’ve been having some Braxton Hicks contractions, but they’re not regular or troubling. So, I’ve hit the third trimester. The kiddo is getting close to 2 pounds, and when I get busy, I feel both of those pounds. His kicks are still quite strong, and right now, I’m thankful that we’re returning to our regular schedule so that he and I can move at a speed that is more our pace. But, we had a great Thanksgiving, and our family fun day was super fun. We’ll see if I can get Bryan or one of the girls to take an update picture of my size later on today.

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