Week 28-A little sickly

 BabyFruit TickerWell, I got my first cold for this pregnancy this week. I have to admit after last year, I’m a little paranoid hoping that I don’t get bronchitis. The idea of going through the winter with weakened immune system like last year terrifies me just a little bit. However, so far, so good. I haven’t really been coughing much at all. I’m just dealing with some sinus drainage and sneezing. It’s pretty minor overall. I’m not sleeping as well, though, so I’m a little tired.

I feel a little nesting going on as I have gained a new resolve for keeping up on housework, plus we are enjoying the fruits of the bathroom remodels which are almost complete. Our bath just got new tile, but the girls bath got new tile, new cabinet, new mirror, new light, and soon Bryan will put in the new vanity. I’m excited to get things organized in the new space.

I’m doing a little maternity sewing and getting ready to do some Christmas sewing for gifts. I’ve also been downloading Kindle books for after the little guy gets here as I tend to spend a lot more time reading while I am nursing.

The girls are getting more and more excited. Emma’s been talking to my belly quite a bit. Hannah has been requesting baby Micah’s presence at Christmas (I’m hoping he holds out another month or two past then since I have no desire to spend several weeks at the NICU).

Beyond that, not much else is new here. Next week, I get to go in for the dreaded glucose test and iron test. Hoping and praying for good results on both of those. Bryan suggested a trip to Cinnabon after the glucose test. I’m pretty sure that could send someone who isn’t diabetic into shock or a coma, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t tempting 🙂

And here’s a picture of me, and of Hannah trying to have a baby belly.


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