Week 29- Upsizing

 BabyFruit TickerNope, that’s not just about me 🙂 Although, I am feeling quite large lately. We got a minivan this week. This involved two evenings at the car lot, and that just wears a body out for some reason. However, I am very thankful that we were able to find something that will fit all of us more easily, that was in our price range, and that had low milage. The girls were SO excited. I’m pretty sure playing in the new van rates higher than playing with American Girl dolls right now.


My blood tests all came back within the normal range, so that was a good thing. No gestational diabetes. No abnormally low iron. We’re just trucking along (it’s pretty bad when I make big rig analogies about myself). Next time, I get to see the little pip when they do a growth check ultrasound, but contrary to website knowledge, I don’t have to go in for four weeks. This is nice since going in every two weeks would be quite difficult to find childcare for.

I’m watching the little guy move around right now. He’s starting switching to more restricted movement as he runs out of space, but he’s still quite active. It just feels more swooshy now instead of like kicks most of the time. It’s actually kind of odd, like someone is stirring my innards around, but odd in a delightful way of course 🙂

According to the averages, he is over 2.5 lbs now and around 15 inches long. I’m always a bit skeptical of this since Hannah was 16.5 inches long when she came out, and both of mine were in the 6 pound range. In any case, I’m happy that he’s continuing to grow and get ready. Both girls are getting highly impatient for him to be here. I don’t feel impatient yet, but that’s because we’re not ready yet, either. No carseat, the bassinet isn’t up yet, and we don’t have the nursery even close. He’s going to have to wait until after Christmas for us, hopefully until February when I’ll have things done (including him!).

Most things are going well except my left hip is really bothering me. It feels a little out of joint when I’m walking around. Other than that, I think we’ll make it the next little bit. Only a few more months!

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