Week 31-Things that fill me with dread

 BabyFruit TickerThings are progressing here just fine as far as I know. The little guy is moving, moving, moving. Sometimes it feels like he’s going to succeed in popping a little arm or leg right out the side of my belly (Although, for a while, Hannah thought he might be able to crawl up to my mouth. Hannah also thinks that if she rubs my belly enough, she might be able to rub the skin right off and see her brother. Umm….ew.). According to my calendar there are 63 days until my due date which means that right after Christmas we’re going to be a little busy doing things like, oh, getting a car seat. You know, the minor, unimportant stuff that we have left 🙂 January may be a busy month!  So, in the last two months of pregnancy, with more and more limitations being put on my space, here are some things that I have begun to dread (and no, labor is not one of them, I actually look forward to that even though it pretty much hurts really bad):

  • Cutting my toenails-Figuring out how to bend my foot up in a way that gives me visual and physical access to my toenails has become a huge chore
  • Loading a laundry basket-For some reason, not just one but two or three socks seem to feel the need to jump out of the laundry basket on to the floor while I am doing this task, and the floor seems much farther away that it used to. Also, since it is socks, I can’t just hook a foot under it and throw it into the basket. Those little guys are tricky.
  • Putting things in garbage cans-I don’t know if I’ve become less coordinated or if I just did not notice this before, but things fall back out of the cans at an alarming rate, requiring once again, that I bend or squat all the way down to the floor which makes me make old person noises.
  • Grocery shopping-I often have at least 2 stores to run to when shopping to get what we need, and do you know, there are not very many places to sit down and take a rest at the stores. Pushing a cart with a six year old hitching a ride has gotten a bit exhausting, then carrying in groceries and putting them all away after this outing. Phew! It’s like I’m running a marathon (not that I would really know anything about that since my knees do not allow me to run a mile let alone a marathon).
  • Shoes coming untied, having to zip boots. I try to stick with slip-ons as much as possible because, again, reaching my feet seems fairly impossible right now. I need to utilize the shoe-tying power of my children for this task.
  • Growing out of my clothes-My wardrobe hasn’t shrunk too much at this point, but before I’m done, I’m fairly certain there will be a limited number of items that I am still able to wear (as evidenced by my inability to zip up a dress last weekend and two shirts becoming too short), which when you only had a limited number of items before, makes you feel a little sad.

So, I may need to adjust my routine slightly in the days to come to accommodate these new challenges. Maybe I need to pick up one of those Billy Mays grabber sticks or just keep a junior assistant with me at all times to reach the floor. Perhaps, I’ll need to start utilizing Saturdays and the awesome strength of my husband for grocery shopping. Maybe I should invest in a mu mu or two. Or maybe I’ll just have to buck up. Do you have any creative solutions for me?

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