Week 32- We’re running out of space

 BabyFruit TickerThis week has been the first week that I’ve been getting persistent heartburn which means baby is getting bigger which is good and I want to eat ice cream which also seems good.

I got told this week that the baby looks large. Makes one feel lovely, but it does feel like this one is bigger. We’re short enough on space that sometimes his movements become quite uncomfortable. Beyond this, most of his moving is visible, so that’s kinda fun.

According to the pregnancy calendars, besides heartburn, I should be experiencing shortness of breath (nope), lower back pain (sometimes), and Braxton Hicks contractions (usually daily). All of this makes me feel quite average, but average is a good thing to be during pregnancy.

My hip keeps experiencing minor revolts which stretching seems to keep under control. As I finished the Christmas pajamas, I spent a lot of time on the floor, that really stretched out the hip flexor. It made the rest of me uncomfortable, but it helped the hip 🙂

Sleeping is getting iffy, but on the plus side, I’m not feeling super tired usually until 7 or 8.

This weekend, I hope to get Christmas packed up so that we can focus on getting ready for baby. I have an overwhelming urge to set up the bassinet. It may even happen today (This is how I communicate this to my sweet husband before he comes home and tries to throw his clothes in the missing laundry basket. It’s in the closet, honey.) So, hopefully next week I’ll have all sorts of fun news of baby preparations to fill you in on. Oh, and a doctor’s appointment and ultrasound.


And here I am in the recycled jeans maternity skirt I recently finished.

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