A Win-Win Situation

The girls made up a game of what squares colors they could step on in the kitchen. The loser had to sing a song about puppies. They both took turns losing on purpose so that they could make up songs about puppies.

“And our house is actually his tail”

“And all the other puppies ridicule him, and I cry for my puppy when he comes home” (Because the puppy likes to take baths).

“My puppy lies over the ocean”

“And then when my puppy kisses me, I say ‘puppy, you’re licking me! I don’t like your kisses, so go away, sorry.’ My puppy says ‘ok'”

“My puppy is orange and turquoise.”

“My puppy likes turtles and flies like a bird. Better not forget that he has wings.”

This stuff is solid gold folks. The squeaky, sing-song voices just add to the magic.

Do your kids ever make up songs? What are they about?

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