Cumin Ice Cream

Since I wasn’t able to get Hannah in to choir this year, she and I have been having special time together while Emma goes to choir (then Emma gets special time after Hannah goes to sleep that night). Hannah decided today that she wanted to have ice cream. Thankfully, my super fantastic and epically handsome husband had picked up some ice cream at the store earlier in the week, so we had some on hand. We got home from dropping Emma off, and Hannah tells me to go downstairs. In a few minutes, she comes down wearing an apron with a towel over her arm and a notepad. “What kind of ice cream would you like?” I replied “Vanilla” because it was the only kind we had. She asked what kind of toppings I would like, I said “Cinnamon” because it was within her reach and her abilities, and it is delicious.

A little while later, Hannah starts down the stairs with a sad voice, almost in tears “Mom, I did something terribly wrong!” I asked what the problem was, and she explained that she had used something other than cinnamon, and the ice cream tasted horrible. I had her bring down the spice, and it was cumin. We resolved the problem by throwing that one away, and since she couldn’t find cinnamon, I had mine plain. It was still yummy. Then, I taught her how to play Sequence.

So, if someone offers you cumin ice cream, Hannah would recommend that you say “No thank you.”

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