Week 34-Can I take a nap . . . again?

 BabyFruit Ticker This was a busy week, and it was too busy for this tired mama. All my calendars say “Fatigue has set in once again.” Yup, it’s true. I’m exhausted, but I have so many things I want to do. This week, I finished washing the bedding for the crib and bassinet. I dug out the clothes from the girls which will be usable. I discovered my drawer system isn’t going to work, and I decided that I need to get some storage bins for the larger sizes (but I haven’t gotten any out yet). We decorated some knobs for the dresser and nightstand in Micah’s room. I had a late night meeting that wore me out for three days. I actually took an hour long nap while sitting up. I was waiting for the girls to finish cleaning up lunch. When they came up, they found me sleeping and went and had quiet time. We toured labor and delivery. It’s fancy, but I’m still over paranoid and feeling like the hospital is where you go to have unnecessary interventions done, not just have your baby. Amie disliking hospitals, though, is nothing new. I could rant about it for hours, but I’ll save you the long, boring read.

According to various sources, Micah is either a butternut squash, a cantaloupe, or a honeydew. Hannah says he just needs to get to be a watermelon, now. Googling watermelons shows that they weigh between 10 and 20 pounds for the seedless variety and 15-30 for the seeded kind. Let’s hope that he’s smaller than that! According to the averages, he’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 pounds, and according to them, he’s longer than Hannah at birth. Mostly, he’s just getting up to weight right now. He gets hiccups quite often now, especially after I get up to go potty in the middle of night :). He seems to have dropped some as I have less heartburn and more sciatic pain. Other than that, not much new here. If anyone wants to do my cleaning/organizing tasks while I take a nap, though, that would be totally welcome.

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