Welcome again Daily Retort Readers

Today, I have another guest post on The Daily Retort.  If you haven’t read the article, go ahead and give it a read.  And then if you have an Android phone, download the E^2 app and try that out.  And if you have an Android phone, be sure to give my other apps a try.

The idea occurred to me a while ago. So I wrote up a blog post for it. It was hilarious, so I submitted it to various places.  I then got an idea for a logo.  So I made a logo.


Notice the subtle cross in it?  Yeah, I focus on details like that 🙂  And then I got to thinking that maybe I could make a quick and dirty demo of the app (I mean, I already have a logo, and graphics are usually the hardest for me).  Of course, that involves recording the scripts. I really didn’t want to record my voice, but then I discovered that I had text-to-speech on my computer, so I used that. Of course, the voice sounds extremely robotic, but that just makes it even more hilarious.

I’ll probably be focusing more on some other apps for a while now.  You can follow me on Twitter (@BryanMarkLogan) if you want to know when those are announced.

What sort of apps (unrelated to E^2) would you like to see?

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