Micah’s birth story

Hey, it’s another birth story, in which I give the details of an actual birth. You have been warned.

Monday, I woke up around 6 planning to use the bathroom and go back to bed. But, when I went to leave the bathroom, my water broke. So, I did what everyone does, I texted my husband to come upstairs since we were going to have a baby.

Now, just to update you, I did get everyone’s hair cut and the 10 lbs of hamburger cooked up before this. However, I had not packed (even though I had finalized the list) nor finished my sewing. So, I started packing and called into the hospital.

Some friends came to watch the girls (they were such a blessing, cleaning the house and shoveling snow while we were at the hospital), and we headed out to grab some breakfast and a few supplies on our way to the hospital.

I had planned to labor at home until I couldn’t anymore, and then head to the hospital, but now we had to do the entire labor at the hospital. It was a bummer. After 9 hours of not really having any strong contractions (they were still very early labor), I agreed to do some augmentation on pitocin to try to avoid any risk of infection.

Later that evening, my hand hurt, the contractions really hadn’t progressed beyond early labor (probably because I didn’t want them to dial it up since I was NOT planning on getting an epidural). A midwife student came in, and I, in my frustrated and tired state, cried and told her I just wanted to start over and have the IV out as it was making me tense and upset. She listened so sweetly. We talked about at what point we might have to reintroduce it if the team agreed with me. After she consulted with her team, I was so thankful that they listened to my request and agreed to let me discontinue augmentation. I continued to contract regularly for a while, then things slowed WAY down and I tried to rest. This long waiting was so frustrating. The midwives there were very considerate and understanding. And they let me have toast which seemed wonderful beyond measure at the time. I could not have done it without them or Bryan. Although I did find it amusing that they said they wished they could video the birth. I now realize that I do not have any passion for the labor and delivery field as a career because my first response is “why would anyone want to see that?”

Bryan got a little sleep that night while we waited for things to progress. Finally, at 3:30 or so, I took a walk. Around 4:30 (almost 24 hours after my water broke) contractions started to pick up. When they measured me around 5:30, I was in active labor. Yay! Things continued to move and by 11, I was 7 cm. Transition was about 2 hours and harder than I remember with either (of course with Hannah it only lasted 5 minutes). Contractions never did get regularly spaced, but they did their job. Finally, around 12 :30, I got to try out the birthing stool to help with the pressure of the contractions. All this time, Bryan and the midwives rubbed my back and encouraged me. They were so helpful. The student that had helped me the night before had chosen to nap at the hospital so that she could attend the birth. It was so sweet. I was the first no pain medication birth she had seen. At 12:50 they started predicting time of birth. The nurse put it at 1:37, but 6 minutes later, he was born. He scored a perfect 10 on the Apgars both at birth and 5 minutes later. And having had my first babe without the giant Logan head, I can definitively say that size doesn’t really matter 🙂 We snuggled, and he nursed for an hour. Then, we weighed and measured him, and Bryan came back with the girls.

Some fun side notes: The whole early morning, I told them Bryan had promised me Cinnabon (a sort of frugal person substitution for a push present. Nope I don’t want jewelry. I just want a caramel pecanbon). The staff found this to be hilarious. They were also all impressed by Bryan’s contraction timer app SqueezieT soon to be available to the public 🙂

And now you know how Micah was born.

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