Thoughts on sourdough

I’ve been curious about working with a sourdough starter for a while. Then my friend loaned me a healthy eating book, and they recommended sprouted or sourdough breads to lower glycemic index. Then, my homemaking book bundle had an offer for a free sourdough starter attached to it. So, for a few bucks in shipping, I got my new sourdough pet from Cultures for Health.

The girls think it’s hilarious that I call the sourdough a pet, but it’s living and requires maintenance, so that’s what I call it. The dehydrated culture was pretty simple and foolproof to start. I was a little concerned I might not be doing it right, but then it bubbled, and I was pretty happy.

The recipes I used came from Cultures for Health or this ebook. I started with pancakes. Emma didn’t like them as well as other pancakes, but I thought they were great with just strawberries on them.

A few days later, the starter was mature and ready to take on some other types of bread. The first to get done was waffles. They were just as tasty as pancakes and I didn’t have any trouble making them in my Belgian waffle iron.


Then, I made pizza for dinner. Here’s a peek at the crust we didn’t use. It was thicker since I rolled it out before letting it rise.


While the pizza baked, I made tortillas. I am terrible at rolling out thin (and round) tortillas, but they’ll be good for flatbread if nothing else.


Next, Emma and I made muffins and cookies. The muffins were good. The sour flavor adds something interesting to them. The cookies didn’t have enough flour. I knew it as we put them in to bake, and I should have fixed it, even though some of the flour wouldn’t be soured.



That evening, I made the English muffins. I messed up in the morning and added the baking soda right away. I think I would have seen more pockets in the muffins if I had waited, but they are still good and pretty easy.


I did have to bake them in the oven for a few minutes to get them all the way cooked through. Hannah could see they weren’t done from the upper floor. She’s got a good eye.

The next day, I did the bread. I’ve made a lot of bread and this isn’t the easiest or the hardest. I was worried with the wet dough that it would fall, but overall the leaves kept a really nice shape.


I let the girls sample a warm loaf, and Hannah came and looked at me accusingly, “It’s sour,” she tells me. Well, there had to be some reason they call it sourdough 🙂

The next day, I googled some ways to make it a bit more palatable to the discerning tastes of my children, so we had a sourdough sampler with garlic grilled cheese, toast with apple butter, and French toast. All met with approval. I think next, we’ll try it with soup.

I’ll probably try another sprouted bread experiment soon as well to see if we can get a nice sandwich bread.

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