Questions that don’t make sense for homeschoolers

So we haven’t been homeschooling as long as some people, but it’s already obvious there’s some questions that the girls get asked that just don’t make sense in our scenario. So here they are:

What grade are you in?– Since we’re not confined to a schedule, plus the fact that we do school year-round, the girls are ahead in certain subjects. So to pick a particular grade level is difficult. Even as their father, I can’t name the “expected” grade level. When Emma was attending private school, I’d see the number posted on the door everyday. That’s a helpful reminder. I don’t have that luxury now, which makes me look like a horrible father. “What grade are your kids in?” “I have no idea.”

Do you like your teacher?– Well, considering the teacher takes them out for lunch, buys them a bunch of birthday and Christmas presents, and controls when they can consume ice cream, yeah, the teacher is pretty awesome.

Are you excited to tell the kids at school?– A nurse asked the girls at the hospital when Micah was born. Considering the entire school was there, no. No one was going to be surprised.

Are you allowed to wear sneakers to school?– Yes, the girls were actually asked this question. It was during the Festival of Nations while we were looking at some of the booths. I’m not sure what response the lady had prepared for the girls, but when they didn’t say “Yes” and instead said “We don’t wear shoes at school”, she got flustered and never told us the reasoning behind the question.

Of course, homeschooling also gives you the ability to have some rather weird facts about your school. For example, the gender/race composition of your school may be extremely skewed. And, despite having a birthday party right at the beginning of summer, we had Emma’s entire school in attendance.

What weird stuff happens in your school?

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