The mess that is my inbox

I’m organized when it comes to some things. Amie and I plan things far far ahead of time. I use Quidbit to keep track of ideas, shopping lists, etc. We have our calendars entered into Google so we can bring up our schedules where ever we may be.

But where I’m disorganized: My Inbox. For as long as I’ve had e-mail, I’ve never gotten around to sorting my inbox. Even back in the old days you could use search, and I figured that was good enough for me.

My issue is that I don’t delete things. Sometime it’s information you get and you want to keep until something happens. For example, I don’t want to delete the order confirmation email with the tracking number until I get the package.  I order an item, the e-mail arrives the next day, I don’t delete it, the package arrives a few days later, it’s not deleted.

Now, some emails I do delete immediately.  Notification stuff, ebook orders from Amazon that Amie picks up for free, junk mail.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoarding these things like a crazy lady hoards cats.

And this has proven useful a few times.  Even when stuff is “semi-important” and I keep it, I sometimes go back and search for a word to find it.  Of course, the searching could work if it wasn’t in my inbox.

I’ve taken small steps though.  E-mails from my customers about my apps, those get “labelled” with the appropriate app so I can keep track of feature requests. (Labels are a way to organize instead of folders. You can have stuff have multiple labels.  If everything has one label, it’s equivalent to folders).  I auto-sort some items so that they appear in a completely different spot and I can deal with them later.

I really should try to go through and clear out some of the older stuff.

But right now, my Gmail inbox has 8,549 pieces of email in it.

What do you do for e-mail organization?

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