Why are dads so important?

Yeah, yeah, I’m about a week late on this thing, but we can celebrate dad any day of the year, right?

The other night, Bryan was watching Micah while I was cleaning up a few things. Micah was tired and really didn’t want to be comforted by Dad, he wanted Mom. So, Bryan says, “He loves you more.” Even though it seems like kiddos only need or want Mommy when they are little. Dads are not superfluous. Here is why I think Dad is important, and why I’m thankful for the Dads in our life:

1. Mommy needs a break sometimes.

2. I can and do tell my girls how beautiful they are, but somehow hearing it from Dad is better.

3. Who else would come up with pillow fight maneuvers that have pro wrestling move names? Thunderclap? Really, honey?

4. Weekends are a built-in time for fun for us because Daddy is home!

5. There’s someone else to field questions to. Especially questions about poop or mental math.

6. You have support, well muscled support with a deep voice. When you are asking kids to do things that they don’t want to do like clean up, this support is very much appreciated. I like to call Bryan “The Enforcer”.

7. There’s somebody there to talk to at the end of the day who understands exactly what you’re going through.

8. On a related note, there’s someone there to bounce ideas off when you want to try something new or are having a concern with a kiddo.

9. Divide and conquer. Broken glass and crying kiddo. Ones comforts, the other cleans. Comforts the child, not the glass. That was bad sequencing on my part, sorry.

10. They can help embarrass the kids. Physical affection and mushy nicknames work quite well.

There is really no substitute for Dad in making sure girls know how precious they are, making sure boys grow up to be responsible men, and modeling for both boys and girls what a healthy marriage where spouses treat each other with love and respect looks like. Dads, you are so important!

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