He’s a little bit techy, I’m a little bit homemade rolls

All right, that was a terrible play on a pretty lame song, but I had to say something since it’s Bryan’s and my 13th anniversary!

The other night, I asked Bryan what it was like to be married to someone who was basically Amish. He laughed and argued that my smartphone probably negated that, and he’s right. But what I was getting at was that our interests are pretty divergent. The first time I realized this was when we were first married, and someone in Bryan’s computer science courses asked him about his wife.

“She’s a psychology major.”

Pretty sure there was a “I’m so sorry” kind of pause because Bryan went on to add, “But she’s a math nerd, too.”

I like to sew clothes, Bryan doesn’t even like to buy clothes. I like to bake things and mix things up from scratch, Bryan thinks Pizza Rollsâ„¢ and Party Pizzasâ„¢ are a pretty good dinner. I thought about throwing my computer out the window while writing my thesis, Bryan fixed that computer and every one that ever gave me any trouble since. Fiction is my idea of a good escape from reality on a stressful day, fiction IS stressful to Bryan, he much prefers nonfiction. I’m overly emotional, Bryan is steady and slow to anger. I think I can do most things myself, Bryan carefully weighs the time and frustration that a project may cause over the cost.

Despite the differences, we’re good for each other. Bryan keeps me from overdoing. I do a lot to nurture Bryan and support him in his goals.

We also have a lot in common. We both

  • love music, love to dance (but not well, that would take the fun out of it)
  • value education
  • are frugal
  • like to laugh, and we make each other laugh which is a bonus
  • think kids are awesome
  • have a fond love of algebra
  • like to create
  • like to plan things out carefully

Whether it’s because of our faith or just our boring/drama-free natures, marriage has only gotten better for us over the years. It has been a huge opportunity to grow and learn from someone that I admire and respect, and it has been much better than I expected. I have been blessed to grow up with Bryan, and I look forward to growing old with him as the Lord wills.

Bryan, you rock! Happy anniversary, Babe!


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